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Photography, one of the best investments for Ecommerce

Based on the concept that the image of the products is one of the key items for sale at any website and online store, Thomas Escudero, Regional Sales Manager of ORBITVU , explained in the last edition of eCOMExpo why invest in photography our online store is important not only to increase our sales, but also to win customer confidence.

According to Escudero, the main enemies of professional photography in an e-commerce often the lack of interest, photography skills or time to devote to the correct capture products. These problems that undermine the potential of electronic commerce can be solved by hiring a professional, studying photography or buying automatic equipment; none of the solutions is cheap, but that investment will return more than when the end result looks on the website.

Thomas Escudero defined in online sales, service aspects as an attractive design, intuitive structure, easy web mobility or photographic quality products define the results we can obtain:

- Good product + bad seller = bad

- Mal good seller product + = good

- Good product + good seller = $$$

The quality of the images gives accurate and factual information about the products displayed for sale and it is said that photography is the seller because with it the customer perceives the level of seriousness and transparency of the company.

When taking the pictures should look lighting, focus, neutral backgrounds, the object position and above all, respect the standard picture.

Photo 360 °, the new trend

Currently not only the photo properties are valued, but generate customer experiences with the product . "Try, experience and feel give us confidence and since internet is a cold medium, the 360 helps to provide transparency, interactivity, save on expenses returns and generate more sales ," said Tomas Escudero on this innovative trend in ecommerce that allows customers toobserve the products from all possible perspectives.

But the photograph 360 has not stopped in only display products from all angles , but has technologically evolved experiences as the "virtual tour" which allows the user to move and explore the object freely and incorporate sensitive areas that interact and complemented by audio, text, pictures or animations; or marketing with stop motion technique that simulate static objects moving through a series of successive still images.

Photographs for Ecommerce are an important issue of sale and beyond interactivity or technology that accompany them , their quality should be the most important. With quality an image of professionalism, security and confidence is generated to the customer and therefore its decision to buy our trade and not on the competition.

an article from

written by Pedro Pablo Merino

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